Virtues of people

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Patience and Silence: Virtues of Wise People

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Virtues List

Finesse Gentleness as a Christian virtue is often little related to kindness and is the life of being intrusive and careful. Belief in the topic of Grace. Chekhov's greatest virtue was that he managed to make people's behaviors and their interactions more significant than the plots of his stories themselves.

Integrity is the solidarity of our virtues; it is the quality by which we live out our values and prioritize our principles. It is the culmination of character in action.

Living up to the virtues of our character. Keeping our agreements with integrity. Hope: Looking to the future with trust and faith. Optimism in the face of adversity.

Humanity: Having an attitude of caring and mercy to all people. Humbleness: Modest; not. People grow and develop over time and environmental influences create their views of happiness.

In a perfect world, everyone would be working for the happiness of all, but the world is not perfect and until we reach a point of pure harmony among all people, it will remain imperfect. Character Strengths and Virtues is a groundbreaking handbook that was created built on reports from a prestigious group of researchers who have attempted to create a systematic classification and measurements of widely valued positive traits.

The aim was to present a measure of humanist ideals of virtue in an empirical and scientific way. The virtues that constitute a dharmic life - that is a moral, ethical, virtuous life - evolve in vedas and upanishads. Over time, new virtues were conceptualized and added by ancient Hindu scholars, some replaced, others merged.

Virtues of people
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List of Virtues