Unsuccessful advertising campaign

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Unsuccessful advertising campaigns.

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Even the ad pros make blunders. From claims of racism to failed DIY commercials, advertising flops can be more interesting than the actual ads. At the same time, Hummer launched a new ad campaign for the H3.

Advertising Law Resource Center. When you perform a legal review of your company's -- or your client's -- ads, you need all the relevant information about advertising law compliance at your fingertips because there are many pitfalls and problems that could be avoided by having this knowledge.

Top Failed Marketing Campaigns

While criticizing the New Coke marketing campaign is like shooting sea bass in a thimble, this nonsensical campaign is simply too good to pass up. It seems like a tautology, but every marketer will tell you that the first rule of advertising is to “know your customer”.

15 Hilariously Failed Marketing Campaigns

Do you ever see a marketing campaign and your first thought is “what in the world were they thinking?” Yes, we’ve all been there. Sometimes these things go viral, and sometimes they just go unnoticed because they were plain crappy.

Budweiser's 'America' summer campaign didn't have the impact the beer giant had hoped for. From racial snafus, to date rape, to the Holocaust, here's a look at 's worst advertising and product blunders.

Starbucks, Walmart, McDonald's and Target were just a few of the companies whose.

Unsuccessful advertising campaign
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