Underground metal scene in morocco

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Inside the underground rock and metal scene in Lagos

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Underground Metal Scene in Morocco

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This last 2 years, there were many Metal Gigs in Casablanca, Rabat and other cities, as well as the emergence of many associations that promote the Underground Scene (Octavium), and also Labels (Marock Prod). Metal Bands We've covered metal bands from around the world, from the most obscure underground death metal acts to famous hard rock bands.

And new metal bands are being added daily. Yangon's death metal underground searches for acceptance in an ocean of pop and hip-hop.

Whether Yangon’s underground metal scene remains stagnant seems beside the point for some of these musicians, who look set to continue making their music with or without fans and concerts.

The Moroccan courts felt that the black t-shirts adorning heavy metal logos worn by these young men, all of whom played in metal bands themselves, were Satanic. However, after global outcry from musicians and human rights activists, they were released and today, Morocco sees more bands performing hard rock and heavy metal music.

Every week in Unearthing the Metal Underground, we take a look at three quality bands that haven't gotten as much exposure yet as they ncmlittleton.com week, we exposed three metal bands from Pakistan and we continue in something of a similar vein this week, turning our attention to another Islamic country, though this time in North Africa, namely Morocco.

Underground metal scene in morocco
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Underground Metal Scene in Morocco - Study Guide - Wendy