Sustainable efforts for innovation lego

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Strategy Case Studies

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Global Innovation

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Corporate Sustainability Trends in 2018

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Who is going to be make for what regarding innovation.

How crowdsourcing and open innovation could change the world

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Video Library. From personal mobility to community initiatives, watch stories of how we are making a positive impact in our industry and in our communities.

LEGO has developed the LEGO Serious Play process to use play to encourage innovation, which is being used by nonprofits (such as UNICEF) as well as by for-profit companies. Creative cross-sector and public-private partnerships.

Nike outlines global sustainable business strategy

A lifesize Lego set for a sustainable civilisation. x. Open Source Ecology As he published his efforts, he was joined by people around the world. The OSE network, made up of farmers, engineers, architects and supporters, believes that open collaboration is at the root of useful innovation.

imagine a world of innovation accelerated by. A high-profile event gathering the leading companies worldwide to identify the latest trends in innovation, design, creativity and entrepreneurship. The perfect platform for pure knowledge sharing and establishing new important contacts with like-minded professionals.

Data Protection Choices

Though the overall toy market is declining, LEGO's revenues and profits are climbing - largely because the company revamped its innovation efforts to align with strategy.

Sustainable efforts for innovation lego
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