Soviet intervention in afghanistan

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The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and the U.S. Response, 1978–1980

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Necessarily, the Soviet Union designing the war and became from Afghanistan. While the massive, lightning-fast military maneuvers and brazenness of Soviet political objectives constituted an “invasion” of Afghanistan, the word “intervention” more accurately describes these events as the culmination of growing Soviet domination going back to intervention and support within Afghanistan’s borders was deemed crucial.

Second, strategic objectives for the occupation of Afghanistan highlighted the Soviet political system’s tendency to freely intermix political goals with military ones.

Soviet–Afghan War

The Soviet Union entered Afghanistan in order to preserve a friendly regime on its southern border and to thwart imperialism’s plans, which hoped to turn Afghanistan into an anti-Soviet buffer which could be used as a listening post and to strengthen Islamic reaction in Soviet Central Asia.

successful coup d'état and continue to prop up the subsequent regime, Soviet military intervention and support within Afghanistan’s borders was deemed crucial.

Second, strategic objectives for the occupation of Afghanistan highlighted the Soviet political system’s tendency to freely intermix political goals with military ones. US Military Expansion and Intervention in Afghanistan Afghanistan, remote and mountainous, has seen many conflicts.

Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan

The terrible civil war of more recent times began in as the Soviet Union intervened to prop up a friendly regime. Afghanistan has long suffered from great power rivalry and foreign military intervention, including the bitter Anglo-Afghan wars of the nineteenth century.

Beginning inthe country again descended into a prolonged period of devastating conflict.

Soviet intervention in afghanistan
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Carter reacts to Soviet intervention in Afghanistan - HISTORY