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Mario and Academic Kong:. Join our hundreds of members today! PTAA represents the Philippine Travel Sector in various international and national association. There are currently, guest(s) and member(s) that are online. You are Anonymous user.

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The Open Letter is initiated by university professors, lecturers, researchers, human rights activists and lawyers in the world regarding the Possible Agreement Between the Holy See and the Government of the People’s Republic of China. Sign today.

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At Day 7 of incubation in my Brinsea—with 14 LONG days to go!—I’ll be candling for the first time. I have a standard Brinsea OvaView candler, not the high intensity version. At Day 7, you might be able to see the eye and a little movement if you’re lucky, but it certainly won’t look like a chick, yet.

Ms judy chan
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