Millan v dean witter reynolds inc

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In this case, a Texas Court of Appeals acknowledged that the Dean Witter employee in question, Miguel Millan, stole about $, over a three-year period from his mother’s Dean Witter account that he had established in his role as a Dean Witter broker.

View Notes - Millan v. Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. case study wk1 from MG at Park University. Millan v. Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. Parties The plaintiff is Maria Millan. The defendants are Miguel%(4). The facts: Millan son was her broker at Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. He forged her signature on an account application form and open an additional account in her name.

Dean Witter did not verify Millan's signature, as it policy required. Start studying MG Week 1 Study Case-Millan v. Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Mrs. Millan opened two accounts at Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. for her and one of her sons as a trustee. Her other son, Miguel, worked for Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. as a broker. Miguel embezzled more than $, from his mother over a three year time frame.

Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. v. Byrd, U.S. (), is a United States Supreme Court case concerning arbitration. It arose from an interlocutory appeal of a lower court's denial of brokerage firm Dean Witter Reynolds' motion to compel arbitration of the claims under state law made against it by an aggrieved former client.

Millan v dean witter reynolds inc
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