Management of change: faslane

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Managing Change at Faslane

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Management Of Change Faslane

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Managing Change at Faslane

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Management Of Change Faslane

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Balanced Whereas framework for Faslane:. Managing Organisational Change: The Case of Faslane. INTRODUCTION. Research agrees that knowledge of change process is critical to the application of good management skills in organisational leadership (Strebel ). Researchers have developed and recommended a number of models for implementing successful change in organisations.

Introduction HM Naval base Clyde or better known as Faslane saw a change in management responsibilities with certain aspects of it being handed over to Babcock Navel Services (BNS) in by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in a bid to reduce the cost, improve operational effectiveness and service standards.

Change levers concerning the management of change can be considered in terms of the context of change and type of change. Examples of levers that are utilized at Faslane include changing operational processes, challenging the factors taken for granted, changing organizational routines, understanding the importance of political processes.

Transcript of Managin Change at Faslane Revolutionari Strategy Goals achieved Process Changed the mindset of employees, to see their job as to deliver with the minimum possible spend. Focuss on delivering services to the customer.

Structural change o Trimming down the management layers from seven to four. o Transforming the organization structure from functional to bureaucratic.

Leadership change o Handing over the management of Faslane to BNS by the MOD o Reducing the entire management team from to and to current level of Leadership change o Handing over the management of Faslane to BNS by the MOD o Reducing the entire management team from to and to current level of We will write a custom essay sample on Managing Change at Faslane.

Management of change: faslane
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