Construction of pavement layers

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A strong base for the upper road structure

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Asphalt Pavement Construction

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Highway engineering

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Composition and Structure of Flexible Pavements

Composition and Structure of Flexible Pavements. Flexible pavements support loads through bearing rather than flexural action. They comprise several layers of carefully selected materials designed to gradually distribute loads from the pavement surface to the layers underneath.

Pavement Layers is a web-based application that makes it easy for individuals and teams to create, manage, deliver, and track proposals for companies in the pavement maintenance & construction industry. At one time it was thought that a prime coat was an essential element of good pavement construction.

However, in recent years some engineers have eliminated the use of a prime, especially when asphalt layer(s) (surface and/or base) is 4 inches or more in thickness. Rigid Pavement Construction pavement under traffic is directly related to the condition of the surface on which the pavement layers are placed.

For a full-depth asphalt pavement, if the condition of the subgrade soil is poor, the ultimate durability of the roadway may be reduced. Promote bonding to the subsequent pavement layers. Other Subgrade Preparation Practices. Other good subgrade practices are: Ensure the compacted subgrade is able to support construction traffic.

If the subgrade ruts excessively under construction traffic it should be repaired before being paved over. Hot Mix Asphalt Materials, Mixture. Rigid pavements support loads through rigidity and high modulus of elasticity of concrete slab. The loads will distribute to natural soil layer through different layers of rigid pavement.

The compostion and structure of rigid pavement tells us about the function of each layer of rigid pavement as explained below.

Construction of pavement layers
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