Case against highschool

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Case Against High School Sports Transfers Well to College

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The Case Against High-School Sports

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Sign up here for your life newsletter. Yes, sports are a big deal in America, and it contains Americans the freedom of choice.

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Continuously, the relationship between good in athletics and evaluation outcomes has remained fairly consistent over three times as evinced in the rigors from nationally representative datasets Shifrer et al. Get our Increasing Daily Newsletters Here!. In “The Case Against High-School Sports” by Amanda Ripley explores the negative effects of high-school sports on a student’s education because students today are doing worse in school because of sports.

Amanda informs us that high-school sports are more important to students than getting a good education. Sports cost schools a lot more.

The Case Against High-School Sports: "American high schools routinely spend more tax dollars per athlete than per math student—unlike most countries worldwide. And we wonder why we lag in international education rankings?".

In the article, “The Case Against High Sports,” Amanda Ripley outlines the flaw of the United States education system as prioritizing athletic sports over academics. The article is a well thought out argument that has supporting evidence, a strong thesis, and a counterargument that can be disapproved.

Amanda Ripley’s “The Case Against High-School Sports” is right in saying high-school sports need to be cut down. The importance of sports in schools is getting in the way of a student’s education.

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The case against high school sports has 2 ratings and 0 reviews:3/5(2). The Case Against High-School Sports – Amanda Ripley – The Atlantic October 1, They observe everything in their new country with fresh eyes, including basic features of American life that most of us never stop to consider.

Case against highschool
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Case Against High School Sports Transfers Well to College