Bonneville salt flats speed week 2013 dates

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Bonneville Speed Week – On the Salt with Tom McCarthy – Day 5

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Speed Week in at the Bonneville Race Track is one hot event, and that’s not just the heat. Here are some important dates and information: Bonneville Pre-Entry Form (PDF). The Grand Finale of all Land Speed Racing events.

Happens every 3rd full week of August on the Bonneville Salt Flats. 12 miles of hard salt make the race track. Utah Salt Flats Racing Association hosts annual races on the other-worldly Bonneville Salt Flats. The salt flats are sensitive, and the event is susceptible to conditions.

Check status of. Many of the cars in Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile have a special connection to Utah’s famed Bonneville Salt Flats, where racers from all over the world traveled, and continue to travel, in attempts to break land speed records.

The “Mormon Meteor III” is perhaps the most famous Bonneville. Season after season recently, the salt flats at Bonneville are just not cooperating.

Thinning salt, a rising water table, wind and the overall size limitations have prevented the two-wheel streamliners from making a solid run at the western Utah locale, which has served as an international hub of land-speed.

Jul 22,  · Photos by the author. The day when we will no longer see sanctioned racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats may soon be at hand after the Southern California Timing Association decided on Monday to cancel the Bonneville Speed Week for the second year in a Daniel Strohl.

Bonneville salt flats speed week 2013 dates
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